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A report from our tour to Hungary last spring can now be found here and also on our trip reports page. Hungary Spring 2014

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This site documents all of our bird and wildlife sightings. Now that I have moved to Hampshire to work for Naturetrek Greg is keeping a close eye on the local patches in Glos and I will also publish my sightings from Hampshire.

   Two stunning birds from the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad - Some Place!

Purple and Green Honeycreeper

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The Hungary trip report is now finished, click here: Hungary 2012 - Trip Report

Patch Birding

              A few birds that have graced the local patch and we have been lucky enough to find. 


Hi. We live in Cheltenham and put most of our time into trying to find birds within the county. This site brings together a collection of sightings, photos and trip reports and will also cover the breeding successes of the birds in our reserve.

The vast majority of the photos published on this site are digiscoped with a Samsung NV3 camera and some with an SLR.

Although our main passion is birds, all other wildlife sightings will be included. Be sure to check out the snake photos!

The site will be constantly updated with more photos added to the trip reports and sightings added.

We hope you enjoy this site.

If you would like to contact us about anything please do not hesitate.

Email tommabbett@yahoo.co.uk or call 07510609468