About us

Tom Mabbett

I have been fascinated by birds since a very young age. Feeding birds in the garden and being taken to Slimbridge WWT is what really started the interest. Most of my birding now is focused around the county with Dowdeswell reservoir and Cleeve Common being the most watched areas. Other favourite sites are Spurn where we have visited for the last 10 years and Dawlish Warren which I know well after being so close at Exeter University. I have travelled around the world seeing many great birds and wildlife. A family holiday to South Africa was special and I have planned and enjoyed various DIY European birding trips with Greg.
My all-time great wildlife experiences have to be swimming with Whale Sharks in Western Australia, Shark diving in Fiji with the Bull Sharks and all the fantastic birds in Oz! There have been countless memorable bird sightings in the UK and abroad but the Wilson's Phalarope found at Dowdeswell and Dotterel at Cleeve common are my best patch "finds". We also spend a lot of time on our own land looking at all wildlife there which has had its fair share of top birds. I have worked for the wildlife tour operator Naturetrek since 2013 leading many tours and visiting some wonderful places. I have been fortunate to see an amazing array of wildlife in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Albania, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Guyana and Brazil. Travelling to India, Namibia, Zambia and Peru on holidays.


Greg Mabbett

I have been interested in the British wildlife for as long as I can remember. My older brother Tom has influenced my interest in birds greatly. I mainly bird in the county but enjoy a trip anywhere in the country to see a special bird or go to a new reserve.

I am joint owner of a tree surgery business (LM garden and tree care) and always trying to be as wildlife friendly as I can. If you would like information on the services please go to www.lmgardenandtreecare.yolasites.com.

Jack Mabbett

Jack is Gregs twin brother who occasionally joins us on birding outings. He is more interested in mammals and large birds with his ambition to find Wild boar in the Forest of Dean. He enjoys a good day in the field but can easily lose interest and is a big fan of "car birding", always volunteering to drive. Jack gets his eyes onto birds whether he knows what it is or not and has been responsible for a few good finds. Quote " whats that Coot doing in the back garden?" turns out to be a Water Rail mooching across the back border. He deserves recognition here for that alone.We will make a birder out of him yet!

 Mum and Dad (Karen and Rich Mabbett)

Mum and Dad are responsible for starting our enthusiasm for birds as we always had bird feeders out and mum putting the bread out for the masses of starlings there used to be, led to me wanting to learn more about birds. Mum enjoys birds but mainly the large ones such as birds of prey and deer are always a top priority on any outing. Dad has a very limited knowledge of birds and is far more a fan of blasting around the field on his motocross bike than watching the Little Owls. They have taken us to some great reserves over the years and have both endured long walks looking for birds and pretending to be interested!

Now we can take ourselves they enjoy looking at the photos and being shown the impressive birds such as the Sea Eagles in Scotland. The family holiday to South Africa was some of the best birding we have ever done. The Rietvlei reserve was just awesome so a big thanks for the hard saving and a holiday of a lifetime.