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November 2009 - Excitement on the river!

With howling south westerlies I headed to Fretherne to look over the river. As i turned up the first bird I put my bins on was a Great Skua racing up the river and over onto Saul warth. I watched it make a desperate kill as it took down a Shelduck. It drowned the bird before eating it and was one of the most exiting scenes i have ever witnessed. A few days later Greg and I saw a Great Skua trying to take down a Little Egret! It just shows how powerful they are and what they can take on when they have to! Definitely one of my favorite birds. I also saw 4 Leach's Storm petrel,2 Gannets and a Shag in a brilliant session. Soaked to the bone and freezing but worth every second.

When birding at Dawlish Warren found a smart Kentish plover in amongst the Ringed plover. This was before Digiscoping so no photo!

We searched the area near Otmoor in Oxford and found a small area of water which held a Common Crane!

A lovley local sighting, the 17 Waxwing that visited Cheltenham in January 2009 were special

 The Spotted Crake at Coombe Hill really was a little gem!

This Wilson's Phalarope showed well for us at Upton Warren.

The Wryneck at Witcome reservoir was a lifer for Tom and I so we visited it a few times as it was such a showy bird. We watched if for over 2 hours feeding on ants before flying to roost and never seen again!  Awesome bird!!

In September 2008 I visited Dawlish with Stella for the weekend and a visit to Dawish Warren before going home produced a Buff-Breasted Sandpiper! It was the first in 11 years and stayed for around an hour. That is Luck!! Also present that day were 3 smart juvenile Curlew Sandpipers.