Fuerteventura 2010

Wednesday 10th March - Wednesday 17th March

This trip was funded by a charity called Operation New World who run educational environmental trips with the aim of teaching new skills and increasing the chances of its participants gaining work in the environmental sector. It was a hugely enjoyable trip with many new skills learnt and some good birds seen along the way.

Birds seen are as follows:

Berthelots Pipit - Many seen at most places visited

Fuerteventra Chat - Seen well around accomodation. Males and Females seen on Calderon Hondo Volcano.

Trumpeter Finch - Small flock around accomodation and around Volcano

Egyptian Vulture - Seen perched on post and a pair soaring on 2 occasions

African Blue tit - 1 seen very well in Vega del rio Palmas

Stone Curlew - 1 seen in El Cotillo on sand dunes.

Sardinian Warbler - 2 seen well. Both males

Spectacled Warber - 1 Displaying and showing well on Lobos.

Hoopoe - Many seen. 1 Near accomodation, 2 in village of Vega del rio Palmas feeding and 4 seen from the coach

Southern Grey Shrike - 3-4 seen. 1 well in Morro Jable valley

Turtle Dove - 3-4 seen and heard purring in Vega del rio Palmas.

Ruddy Shelduck - 1 seen from coach in field

Corys Shearwater - A single bird seen flying between the boat and Lobos

Lesser short toed Lark - Presumed as only seen in flight

Other birds noted were Grey Heron, Yellow Legged Gulls, Collared Dove, Little Egret, BUzzard, Falcon Sp ( Peregrine or Barbary), Turnstone, Curlew, Raven, Spanish Sparrow, Kestrel and Rock Dove.