This page will be for any photos or sightings of other wildlife. We are always trying to see as much wildlife as possible not only birds, both being big snake fans.

Adder at Cleeve Common 

This lovely female adder was catching a few rays near the Pylons at cleeve common. If you look and tred carefully there are plenty up there which is great. I got to within 2 foot of this one as I only had a standard camera. She moved at first then came back to the same spot unnerved by my presence. 

Grass Snake- Dowdeswell Reservoir

This Grass Snake was soaking some rays under the tins at the reservoir.

Unknown Snake in Australia

This beauty took me by surprise when walking in the rainforest in Cairns. I was on my own with no phone signal so was pleased when it stopped staring right at me with its neck in strike position and moved away through the ferns. 

 Green Tree Snake - Magnectic Island, Australia

This Snake was found when searching for Koala. Moved quickly through the trees but managed to get this shot.

Python species - Middle of nowhere on the West coast of OZ

This Python was inches from the wheels of the van. Just mangaed to swere it and go back to take a photo and move it. It was hissing and twising around and then calmed when lifted with a stick and moved into the undergrowth. 

Brown Snake eating a Bat

This snake was trying to force down a bat. Looks a little to big to me! Was found when walking in the Karijini national park in WA. This place was full of great birds and wildlife. Snakes were also seen when swimming in the many pools with one large snake im certain, after looking in books was a Tiger Snake. We went to sleep to sound of Dingoes howling! Magic!


Puff Adder - South Africa

This Puff Adder was basking in the middle of the road near our apartment in South Africa. We managed to make it move into the undergrowth. A huge snake! As Steve Urwin would say " A real ripper"!

Skink - Australia

This little fella was lurking under some ferns in the garden of a hostel in Noosa. A python was also seen high in a tree which appeared to have just eaten a parrot!

Monitor Lizard

This Monitor Lizard made me jump as it emerged and crossed the path infront of me when walking in the Cairns rainforest. What awesome animals they are.