Sightings 2015

2014 was a superb year of wildlife both here in the UK and around Europe. Greg and I traveled to Hungary in late Spring for a fantastic week and I led and co-led 7 tours with Naturetrek (Somerset, Coto Donana, Coto Donana/Extremadura, Extremadura, Spanish Pyrenees, Finland -Wolverines and La Palma). I also got away to Portugal to look at setting up a new tour and also to Sweden on our mammals tour and Islay on a staff trip away.

Finding a Dotterel was a patch highlight on Cleeve Common and away from birds, seeing a Eurasian Lynx in Sweden and Wolverine in Finland completed Europe's "big 5" for me having also seen Brown Bear, Wolf and Bison previously. I will put up some photos from these tours and local sightings in due course.

We are still working on our field and getting some exciting camera trap results and updates on this will also be posted. I will aim to put up monthly highlights, photos and videos so please check back for updates.

January 2015

So half the year has flown by and this is the first update! I have traveled with Naturetrek to Belgium, Extremadura again and most recently to the west coast of Greenland. I have also set up and led 2 tours to the Forest of Dean and Greg has now also started tour leading, joining me for two forest weekends and the week in Spain.

Despite the travel and limited time we haven't neglected the home patches and the camera trap at Dowdeswell reservoir has had some great results with Otter footage captured as well as various other species. I will upload interesting videos to youtube and put the links here from time to time. Enjoy.

Three recent videos:

Otter Video 1 - 2/5/15 - Marking Territory

Otter Video 2 - 2/5/15 - Passing Through

Otter Video 3 - 8/5/15 - Sniffing and then marking territory

2015 Summary:

Another year jam packed with superb wildlife. Tour leading took me to Greenland, Extremadura with Greg co-leading, Corsica, Belgium, Portugal and a superb recce to Albania. Not to forget a couple of top weekend tours in the Forest of Dean with Greg. A brilliant 3 week holiday to Peru topped a cracking year. With so much time away updates have unfortunately suffered badly! Both Greg and I have been birding locally whenever possible. Recording lots more footage of Otters at Dowdeswell and birding the local patches as usual. I will publish a trip report soon from Peru.