St Ives Pelagic 2011 - Saturday July 31st

I thought for Greg's birthday I would book us on to a pelagic going out of St Ives. We travelled down the day before and did a bit of sea watching, watching a pod of Common Dolphin surfing some waves and a couple of Wheatear on the headland.  We boarded the boat at 5.30am and set out on perfectly calm sea.

With the weather being so calm it meant that the smell of the chum wasn't being spread and it was difficult for it to be as effective. We had all the usual birds, Fulmars right by the boat, Gannets giving great flybys and Manxies scooting past but it was apparent early that it was going to hard work for petrels.

We did see on two occasions a Storm Petrel at distance but not the views we were hoping for. Kittiwakes flew in close to feed but there was not the feeding frenzy of birds we had hoped for.

With the sea so calm however it did have its advantages. First we spotted a few Dolphins and went to check them out having some great views and then we drove very close to an Ocean Sunfish. With the water so calm we had cracking views of it just under the water. They really are strange.


Returning to shore we then had the highlight of the trip when a Basking Shark was spotted and we got right up along side it as it fed next to the boat. An absolute beauty! Just a shame we weren't in the position to slip into the water with a snorkel kit! This made up for the lack of birds and we headed back to shore.